Prediksi Skor Persiba Balikpapan Vs Mitra Kukar twenty five Mei 2013 ISL

ipret36a Prediksi Skor Persiba Balikpapan Vs Mitra Kukar twenty five Mei 2013 ISLВ – Pada Pertandingan kali ini Akan berbagi informasi mengenai Prediksi Skor Persiba Balikpapan Vs Mitra Kukar dalam lanjutan Indonesia Tremendous League yang akan berlangsung di Stadion Persiba- Balik Papan, dan di laksanakan pada hari Sabtu, twenty five Mei 2013 dan di gelar pada Pukul 19:00 wib. – Siapakah menurut Prediksi Anda yang akan memenangkan Pertandingan kali ini dan berapakah Purpose yang akan tercipta dari sepanjang Pertandingan yang akan berlangsung? Untuk menjawab semua itu, telah merangkumnya dalam bentuk Statistik Pertandingan dibawah ini.


Head To Head Pertandingan :
eleven Apr 2013 Mitra Kutai Kartanegara two – Persiba Balikpapan Indonesia Tremendous League (ISL)
28 Mei 2012 Mitra Kutai Kartanegara – Persiba Balikpapan Indonesia Tremendous League (ISL)
twenty five Jan 2012 Persiba Balikpapan three – Mitra Kutai Kartanegara one Indonesia Tremendous League (ISL)
22 Jan 2009 Persiba Balikpapan…

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Hasil Pertandingan Persipura Vs Sriwijaya FC 27 Mei 2013 ISL

ipret36a Hasil Pertandingan Persipura Vs Sriwijaya FC 27 Mei 2013 ISL. -В Persipura sukses melibas tamunya Sriwijaya FC dengan skor meyakinkan three- pada lanjutan kompetisi ISL, Senin (27/five/2013).

Berlaga di Stadion Mandala Jayapura, tiga gol tanpa balas Persipura dicetak oleh Boaz Solossa, Patrich Wanggai dan Zah Rahan.

Tuan rumah membuka pesta gol pada menit ke-27 lewat striker andalannya Boaz Solossa. Tembakan kerasnya dari luar kotak penalti tak mampu dibendung kiper Ferry Rotinsulu. Persipura one, Sriwijaya FC .


Jelang bubaran babak pertama, Bochi, sapaan akrab Boaz, membuang begitu saja peluang emas yang diraihnya lewat eksekusi penalti. Tembakannya yang melebar dari gawang Ferry pun tak mampu merubah kedudukan.

Memasuki babak kedua, tuan rumah kembali memberikan tekanan pada tim tamu. Hasilnya, Patrich Wanggai pun mampu menggandakan keunggulan pada menit ke-seventy six. Persipura two, Sriwijaya FC .

Tujuh menit berselang, Persipura pun kembali menambah catatan golnya lewat sang playmaker Zah Rahan. Gol ini…

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PKMN-Mei Watercolor

My Lucky Coffee

PKMN-Mei Watercolor

017 (4) copy A Closer up picture.

Honestly, I’m literally going on a pencil and watercoloring spree this whole summer. Maybe it’s because when school starts I’m probably going to be busy with college applications and senior activities, thank god for summer break.
I drew Mei from Pokemon Black and White 2 and she’s such a lovely character!

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Infernal Affairs (2002) – Film Review,, and my pal friend,, …




At a young age, Lau Kinming (Andy Lau) is recruited by the local crime kingpin to lead a double life – train as a cop, but be the inside man for the crimelord. After his training in the police academy, Chan Wing-yan (Tony Leung) is singled out as coming from a dodgy background, and is recruited to go deep undercover in the crime gang. Both the police and the gang know that there must be plants but neither can identify them.

Infernal Affairs is awesome. The story itself is extremely strong, and the way the twists and turns happen keep the audience guessing the whole way through. Plus, it is quite hard to identify who are bad and who are good – the lines are blurred throughout. The film won a lot of awards the year it was released and was selected for film festivals across the world, including…

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Cute Coat Alert!


Anyone else noticing some really cute coats about the celebrity scene recently? Despite the up and coming summer, its always wise to have something to throw on incase the inevitable happens: it rains. Right now I’m loving Nicole Scherzinger’s Leather Trench and Kate Hudson’s Berry number.

Nicole Scherzinger’s Leather Trench Coat:


Kate Hudson’s Berry Coat:



Looking for something similar for the fraction of the price? Heres my faves from the good old fashioned high street retailor H&M!



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Honor Roll- KH


Certain people I will style-ogle to their grave.

Kate Hudson is one of ’em. She rocked my socks with these two looks.

kh collage

The leather is just so classic her- she really was born to be a rocker’s wife. And damnit if she doesn’t she look like a million bucks in the open crochet for day and big Jimmy Choo bag?

Don’t even get me started on her post-two-baby bod.

love love this woman.

{images via people & popsugar}

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Le Divorce

My Old


Bil’s rating (out of 5): BB.5

France/USA, 2003.   Merchant Ivory Productions, Radar Pictures.  Screenplay by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, James Ivory, based on the novel by Diane Johnson.   Cinematography by Pierre Lhomme.   Produced by Ismail Merchant, Michael Schiffer.   Music by Richard Robbins.   Production Design by Frederic Benard.   Costume Design by Carol Ramsey.   Film Editing by John David Allen.   

In this latest offering from the team of Merchant Ivory, a young American woman (Kate Hudson) arrives in Paris to be with her newly pregnant sister (Naomi Watts), a poet who lives in the fair city with her French painter husband.  Hudson’s arrival is greeted with the husband’s departure when he decides to leave Watts for another woman; she tries to be supportive of her now-abandoned sister, but can’t help but be…

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