Courtney & Gabe | Bloomington, IN Engagement Photographer J.L.CustomPhotos L.L.C. Jessica Green Photography

Jessica Green Photography

Meet Courtney and Gabe, only two of the coolest people I know!
Courtney and Gabe met in college while at Indiana University. Courtney met my husband at IU and they became friends through a mutual friend. When Courtney started dating Gabe, she took him on a date (cute right :)). The date that Courtney took him on was to the Indiana Pacers game. My husband, Justin, works for the Pacers (this will be his 13th season) as the head of the away locker room. He gave Courtney and Gabe tickets to a game…. and the rest is history!
So right after Gabe proposed with a GORGEOUS, HUGE solitaire, Courtney emailed me and told me the story about how my husband was a reason why her and Gabe started dating and that she HAD to have me as their photographer; I was flabbergasted and so excited.
So the first time I…

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