Your Barely Theres.


Zahia Dehar's line looks cool, but for when or where?

Ah the wild and wonderful world of lingerie (Insert whimsical sigh). Is it fashion? Of course it is, in fact we even argue that what you wear under your clothing is some of the gravest fashion decision making of your life. Which is why we just had to finally say something about our unmentionables and what to wear even when it’s barely there… it’s catchy huh?

Like a house – your underwear is your foundation.  And we cannot stress the importance of a good foundation. And with all due respect to la vie bohemia we’d be remiss not to mention a band of ladies who seem to forgo a bra altogether. You know the girls.  Those who love a good plunging neckline and like to rock the Kate Hudson look circa Almost Famous, but regardless of how small your breasts are it doesn’t mean its classy or that it…

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