What’s Stopping You From Being Happy?

The You Habit

Have you ever noticed how Kate Hudson always seems to radiate happiness? What’s her secret? How does she do it?
Some of you might be thinking, “It’s easy to be happy when you have Kate Hudson’s life – fame, money, love, kids, and killer good looks!”
Perhaps, but not necessarily.
I’ve known women who radiate happiness the way Kate Hudson does. None of them were wealthy. Two of them had been diagnosed with cancer. One of them had been married for 30 years to a man who was consistently unfaithful and abusive. Yet, they all seemed to have a reason to smile. They all had the kind of laugh that rang out and made bystanders instantly happy too.
This sort of radiant liveliness has been described as feminine energy. It’s what men are drawn to like bees to honey. We all have it but we don’t all tap into it…

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