Sticking to It and Surprising Myself

Finally a Family

First, a quiz.  What do all of these women have in common?Image



A) They all work out

B) They’ve each had at least two children

C) I don’t look like any of them

D) All of the above

Correct answer: D

All the personal epiphanies I’ve had in the last five years are super obvious.  I love my children more than anything!  Owning a home is hard work!  Quitting sugar improved my skin!  Sleep is really important!  Still, I had to experience these things for myself before I believed them.  So here’s the latest newsflash: exercise makes me look and feel better.

After running six days a week through junior high and high school and playing rugby in college, I basically quit serious exercise.  Sure I dabbled in yoga off and on for years, and a significant amount of Lululemon gear and two gym memberships were purchased along the way. …

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